The menu for students and young people in Scharff's Schlossweinstube. The youth eats better than their reputation!

You find joy when eating with enjoyment and dedication? You find pleasure in the extraordinary and are looking for ambience in chic restaurants. We understand that and show all young gourmets that enjoyment does not have to be expensive. We have the Twenü, the menu for twens - for young people under 30. On a small budget, affordable for students and young people by offering everything that belongs to a good menu. So we should get to know each other, with our Twenü, the slightly different food.

When is the Twenue? Always on Friday and on Saturday.

The Twenu - A nice gift

Aperitif, greeting from the kitchen, 3 course surprise menu, 2 glasses of wine (0,2 l), mineral water, coffee 75.- Euro per person

75.- Euro per Person