Freuquently asked questions

FAQ - frequently asked questions

The restaurant is located on the top right in the middle of the castle above the historic Backhaus.

First, it goes up the steps to the bakery and then up the small stairs to the restaurant.

Above the entrance of the restaurant you will read "Weinstube".

Unfortunately not, from the entrance of the restaurant to the restaurant itself it goes up 22 steps.

Not directly, but we are happy to serve you in nice weather below the restaurant on the Backhausterrasse with the most beautiful view of the castle courtyard their aperitif with small finger food delicacies.

No, you are welcome to select your own dishes from a single course on the spot individually from the current menu.

Yes, we always have a vegetarian dish on our menu.

If you register in advance, we are also happy to cook vegan dishes.

The surprise menus are created on the basis of the seasonal market offer and are based on the current menus.

We are happy to take this into account with prior notification and notification by e-mail.

We are happy to respond to your special wishes, depending on availability, for a specific table choice with the best view of the castle courtyard, if you tell us in advance.

From 8 people, we ask you in advance from our menu, we send them in advance to select a common menu.

We can also take care of vegetarians and vegans.

With a à la carte reservation, a cancellation up to 7 people in advance of 48 hours is no problem.

Unfortunately, in the case of a previous fixed menu order, we are forced to charge you 50.00 euros per person for the expenses incurred.

Unfortunately, we are forced to charge you 50.00 Euro per person for the loss incurred.

You are welcome to make a reservation by e-mail or by phone. The reservation will then be valid by our mail confirmation.

From 5 persons your reservation will only be valid with your credit card number.

The credit card will only be deposited as security and to cover costs, if you should stay away from our restaurant for no reason without cancellation.

You can pay in cash, by debit card or even with all major credit cards.

Yes, dogs are allowed if you register them in advance and if they are quiet or under the table. You will then receive from us a special table with more space allocated by us.