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Who we are and what we do

At the end of 2011, Schlossgastronomie was founded with its headquarters in the castle of the city of Heidelberg, a hotspot of German romance, on the Neckar River, among the evergreen Odenwalds of the hills of the Electoral Palatinate. Today, the castle’s gastronomy enriches everyday life at the castle with a wide range of events, various restaurantsand event locations and is a magnet for travelers from far and near as well as locals from the metropolitan region.

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Our gastronomic portfolio includes:

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Especially with the Schlossweinstube, the crew around Martin Scharff presents itself as ambassadors of regional Kurpfälzer cuisine. Here, according to the leitmotif of the patron, the 3 parts principle is represented: “One third tradition, one third trend, one third innovation“. Thus, old Kurpfalz recipes are reworked and reinterpreted in the sense of ‘uncomplicated cuisine’.

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The traveler comes to us to see and taste how we live here. He may have heard of Pfälzer Saumagen, but if he orders it now, it has to be reallygood.

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To share this passion, Martin Scharff is unremittingly active in culinary associations, up to and including the internationally renowned Chaine des Rotisseurs. In addition, Heidelberger Schloss Restaurants & Events operates one of the largest catering companies in the Rhine-Neckar region and thus reaches as far as Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. The traditional craftsmanship, the high quality and the innovative Kurpfälzer down-to-earthness make the Schlossgastronomie unique as a brand. The menus, concepts and eventsare always evolving, but the castle gastronomy remains true to its clientele with its underlying style. The castle also offers the perfect setting for private and corporate events, whether it’s a small celebration or a large-scale event – the event management of the castle’s catering department also provides support here with tact and years of know-how. In addition, the venerable castle walls are a popular venue for weddings.

We would be pleased if you don’t lose sight of the castle gastronomy in your private as well as professional activities and events in 2021, despite the many challenges that the Corona crisis unfortunately brings with it.

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